The Work

Sarah is a certified coach for The Work of Byron Katie.  This amazingly simple transformational process called The Work consists of just 4 questions and a turn around.  It may be a simple process to learn, but don’t let the simplicity fool you.  It gets powerful results. Sarah finds this 4-step process to be one of the most effective processes for transforming upsets, stress, and confusion into amazing insights and restored clarity. The Work process changes your self perception, your relationships, your work effectiveness, and your sense of well-being.   Sarah finds The Work to be an invaluable process for self-awarenessIt has become one of the pillars of her transformational coaching and counseling practice.  Sarah uses this process herself as one of her essential life skills.

Who is Byron Katie?  Byron Katie is a remarkable teacher who had an awakening experience some years ago. From her experience, she developed a powerful process she called The Work as a simple road map for questioning limiting thoughts and painful stories.  By using just four specific questions and a turnaround to question her thoughts, she discovered the upset thoughts and stress would just let go by themselves.  Since that time, Katie has shared her process with thousands around the world, moving hearts and minds with this simple 4-step process.

The effectiveness of this process speaks for itself.  Katie has written several books and has a huge following. Her process called The Work is highly praised by teachers such as Eckhart Toole, Wayne Dyer, and Dr. Daniel Amen.  Katie has done web casts with Opera and can be seen doing The Work on her own website called  Katie trains others like myself to become certified facilitators of The Work to assist in making this valuable process available worldwide.