Transformative Life Coaching and Counseling or TLC was developed by Sarah Gallwey to support those who are aspiring towards a greater awareness of who they are.  Sarah began her coaching career over 30 years ago as an Inner Game Yoga teacher and coach.  Her training includes an M.A. in clinical psychology and certification as a coach in The Work of Byron Katie.  Sarah is a licensed hypnotist and also has an… extensive background in metaphysical and personal growth modalities.

Transformative Coaching was designed specifically to provide practical and effective skills for accessing our deeper Inner Wisdom and also for addressing those thoughts and beliefs that separate us from the real potential of who we are. We possess at the heart of us an evolved center of inner conscious intelligence, but access to it can be blocked by limiting beliefs and past conditioning that often separate us from that center in spite of our efforts to stay connected.

Transformative Life Coaching provides two very important skills that are essential in maintaining our deeper connection to who we are:  (1) It provides access to our Inner Wisdom as trusted guide and coach to assist in uncovering our full potential and deeper levels of self-awareness.  (2) It provides the skills necessary for transforming limiting beliefs and past conditioning into valuable insights that help restore an authentic connection to who we are.

Under the section on Sessions you will find a list of coaching objectives that Transformative Life Coaching provides on your journey to greater awareness of who you are.