There is no greater journey than one that transforms who we are.
As we see through our painful perceptions we discover our true brilliance.


Transformative Life Coaching and Counseling or TLC was developed by Sarah Gallwey to support those who are aspiring towards a greater awareness of who they are.  Sarah began her coaching career over 30 years ago as an Inner Game Yoga teacher and coach.  Her training includes an M.A. in clinical psychology and certification as a coach in The Work of Byron Katie.  Sarah is a licensed hypnotist and also has an…

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TRANSFORMATIVE LIFE COACHING ~ HOW IT WORKS:  Together we will create a coaching partnership that assists you in bringing expanded awareness and inspired clarity to your personal goals, your relationships, your work, and your chosen life purpose. This partnership will support you in connecting with your own Inner Wisdom, and will assist you in transforming thoughts and beliefs that limit you into states of

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